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Episode 58 - Hall of Name with D.B. Firstman

March 24, 2020

Author D.B. Firstman (@dianagram) joins us to talk about their new book Hall of Name, Baseball’s Most Magnificent Monikers from the Only Nolan to Van Lingle Mungo and More. D.B. shares some great stories about some of the players with the greatest names of the game. Some of the more contemporary names you may have heard before like Coco Crisp and Boof Bonser, others like Kiki Cuyler and Harry Colliflower were new to us. The book is a great combination of baseball and unique family history. Plus, D.B. plays a round of Wax Pack Heroes with some ‘88 Donruss which provided some great names. Will it be enough to jump to the top of the leaderboard?

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We pull ALOT of commons in Wax Pack Heroes. If you've got those Tom Foley or Ernest Riles cards just sitting around you can donate those commons to charity and maybe spark a child's interest in baseball and collecting. Find out more here:

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